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Bertrand Bellin Portrait


Bertrand Bellin, born in south of France 1975, studied violin making at Newark and Scherwood College, England.


After a collaboration of 9 years with Roger Hargrave, and winning international awards, he is now based in Germany near Strasbourg were he continiues focusing on the making of detailed replicas and modern interpretations of classical Italien instruments, both in modern and baroque set-ups.


Solists, chamber players and Orchestra musicians throughout the word play on his instruments.


"Over the yeras, I devoted my time exclusively to making. It gave me the opportunity to copy a wide variety of violins, violas, and cellos from witch I selected the most successful models in order to offer a rich palette of tone qualities. Nevertheless I am open to the alwas exiting experience to make a detailed replica of a specific instrument of your choice.


I pay a special attention to deliver a constant quality of the highest standar. The whole making process is caried intierely by myself using exclusively the very best materials. Therefore, only a very limited number of instruments can be made each year.


Fell free to contact me for further details on present waiting time for commissions and for any other questions you may have".


À propos

"During the making process, your wishes upon set-up, size and aesthetic aspects will be acknowleged into the finest details, in order to meet your individual technical needs and tast, and to make sure that every single instrument becomes a reliable tool, source of pleasure and inspiration"


Thank you for your enquiery!

Contact me

Bertrand Bellin

Franz-Volk-Strasse 38

77652 Offenburg


0049 7812037774


Artists & Links


Musicians playing B. Bellin's instruments

Benjamin Hughes -Principal Cello BBC-

plays a Cello made in 2017

Stradivari Model Forma B

Frank Stadler  - Violine 2010

Konzertmeister Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg

Solist & Stadler Quartett

Carlo Bergonzi

Nikolaus Boewer - Violine 2013

1. Konzertmeister

Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz


Alexander Hohenthal - Violine 2018

Solist & Konzertmeister

Guarneri "del Gesù"

Reinhold Heise - Violine 2015


Bremer Philharmoniker

Guarneri "del Gesù"

Szilard Szigeti - Violine 2013


Symphonieorchester Liechtenstein

A. Stradivari

Enrique Rivas - Violine 2019


Guarneri "del Gesù" Sainton

Kana Matsui - Violine 2017


RTV Symphonieorchester Ljubljana

Carlo Bergonzi


Farida Bacharova - Violine 2017

Gast Konzertmeisterin

Cape Town Philharmonique Orchestra

Max Hilfenhaus - Violine 2013

Konzertmeister der 2. Violinen

G-H-T Görlitz-Zittau

Guarneri "del Gesù"

Carsten Neumann - Violin 2012

Stimmführer der 2. Violinen

Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg

Guarneri "del Gesù"

Adriana Porteanu - Violin 2004

1. Violine Konzerthausorchester Berlin

Kichenko Trio

Guarneri "del Gesù"

Florentine Lenz - Violin 2015

Münchener Philharmoniker

Guarneri "del Gesù"

Izsó Bajusz - Violin

Stadler Quartett & Camerata Salzburg

Guarneri "del Gesù"

Anna van der Merwe - Violin 2019

Gürzenich Orchester Köln


Sawako Kosuge - Violin 2022

Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg

Guarneri "del Gesù" 1735


Céline Corbach - Violin 2018

Mitglied der 1. Violinen Deutsche Oper Berlin

Guarneri "del Gesù"

Ines Huke-Siegler -Violin 2021

Bremer Philharmoniker

Julia Haufe - Violin 2024

Guarneri del Gesù 1735

1 violin Pfalz Theater

Mojca Gal - Barockviolinen & Viola d'amore


A. Amati & J.Stainer

Viola d'amore A. Stradivari

Katja Grüttner


Schuppanzigh quartet

Francesco Emiliani copie 2023

Albrecht Kühner - Barockvioline 2008

Anima Eterna, Fiori Musicali, Elbipolis

Andrea Amati

Burkhard Sigl - Viola 2012

Solobratscher Münchner Philharmoniker


Tertis Ensemble

Gabriel Siliteanu - Viola 2009

Solobratscher Sibiu Philharmonic Orchestera

Florian Schulte - Baroque Viola

Elbipolis & Akademie für alte Musik Berlin


Benjamin Hughes - Cello 2017

Principal Cello BBC Concert orchestra

Antonio Stradivari Forma B

Peter Sigl - Cello 2010


Antonio Stradivari Forma B

Matthias Michael Beckmann - Cello 2013

5-saitiges Cello

Solist & Kammermusiker

Cellist des Mozart Quartett Salzburg

Detlef Mielke - Cello 2007

Solocellist der Symphonieorchester Vorarlberg

Hargrave-Bellin, Montagnana Modell 2007

Alexander Hohenthal - Konzertmeister Mozarteumorcheter Salzburg-

plays J.S.Bach C-Dur Sonate

Guarneri model made in 2015



- Triennale Cremona 2003

   Sacconi Gold medal 

   Antonio Capela Prize

   Prize for the youngest finalista


- Triennale 2000

   Honorable mention of the jury

Kana Matsui Violin

Kana Matsui - Konzertmeisterin RTV Symphonieorchester Ljubljana

plays Tripelkonzert von Beethoven

Carlo Bergonzi copie 2017

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