Bertrand Bellin, born in south of France, studied violin making at Newark and Sherwood College, England. After a collaboration of ten years with Roger Hargrave, and winning international awards, he is now based near Strasbourg were he continues focusing on the making of detailed replicas and modern interpretations of classical Italian Instruments, in modern and Baroque set-ups.


Soloists, chamber players and orchestra musicians throughout the world play on his instruments.


“Over the years, I devoted my time exclusively to making. It gave me the opportunity to copy a wide variety of violins, violas, and cellos from witch I selected the most successful models in order to offer a rich palette of tone qualities. Nevertheless I am still open to the always-exciting experience to make a detailed replica of a specific instrument of your choice. During the making process, your wishes upon set-up, size and aesthetic aspects will be acknowledged into the finest details, in order to meet your individual technical needs and taste, and to make sure that every single instrument becomes a reliable tool, source of pleasure and inspiration.


I pay a special attention to deliver a constant quality of the highest standard and to use exclusively the very best materials, therefore only a very limited number of instruments can be made each year.


Feel free to contact me for further details on present waiting time for commissions and for any other questions you may have.”